Wildhorn laptop bag for everyday carry

Wildhorn laptop bag for everyday carry

Have you ever got stuck with a laptop bag for everyday carry and felt unsatisfied? Maybe the bag is too bulky or too thin or does not have enough organizational structure. I have struggled with the laptop bags a lot. But recently I have found one which is satisfactory.

Hi, I am Prakhar, and today I’ll walk you through the process of my bag selection and first-hand review.

I have been a big fan of good bags. Since my childhood, I have organized my bags very well. My bags were so organized that I can literally able to take out the exact notebook or textbook even in the dark without any need to look into my bag.

What’s in my bag?

Currently, I carry a laptop, its charger, a mouse, a portable keyboard, a few cables, and chargers. I also carry an iPad. Because I am from a product design and mechanical engineering background, so for measurements, I carry a metallic ruler, a vernier caliper, and a 3m measuring tape. For wellness, I carry a water bottle, a few medicines, lip balm, hand sanitizer, a mask, a mouth freshener, and some gums.

As I am a big fan of pen and paper so I carry 2-3 pens and 2 small diaries. And yes, I carry one portable multifunctional tripod stand for my phone. I also have eyeglasses and it has a cover which is always in my bag.

My organizer structure

I carry a small organizer bag that has two compartments. One I use for my dongles/adapters, cables, SD cards, and phone charger, and the other I use for my laptop’s charging cable, charging brick, and mouse.

I have one laptop sleeve in which I put my 13-inch laptop and portable low-profile Logitech wireless keyboard.

I have one pouch for my pens. The rest of the things I keep loose and for that, I need a good bag.

Wildhorn bag design

Let’s discuss the bag from different angles, its aesthetics and material, form and function, and how I am using it.

Aesthetics and material

From an aesthetic point of view, I liked its grey fabric. It has some blacks which makes it a dual-tone. There are tinges of neon greens on the zip straps. The overall aesthetic is pretty good for formal settings as well as casual settings.

The bag is stable and does not sag as I have experienced in many bags. The material and stitching have made it rigid enough. The fabric is good and it looks waterproof. I haven’t checked it in rain.

Form and function

My previous bag was a Lenovo bag and Fur Jaden anti-theft bag. The Lenovo bag was too big and used to sag. The inner compartments were big. They were good for carrying a lot of stuff but not working out for me. I had started accumulating a lot of stuff and it goes out of hand.

The other bag was antitheft, I liked its aesthetics but it had only one pocket. Even with my organizers, it became messy.

This new Wildhorn bag is a perfect middle ground between these two bags. It has two major compartments.

How I am using the compartments

The back compartment is the bigger one. It has a separate laptop sub-compartment with a strap. It is designed to hold a 15-inch laptop so my sleeve which carries my laptop and keyboard perfectly fits in it. I have also put my iPad in the same compartment.

In the second sub-compartment of the back, I have put my cable organizer bag, water bottle, and eyeglass cover. I have also put my diaries in the same compartment.

The front compartment is thinner and has 3 small pockets. I have used this for my measuring tools, pens, and mini tripod stand.

There is one more pocket at the very front where I have kept my mask, medicines, and mouth fresheners. The bag does have two side pockets for water bottles but I have used one of them for my hand sanitizer and the other one for some future quick access during travel.


In conclusion, I have found the perfect bag for my style, form, and function. The bag has good aesthetics. It has an appropriate form and the correct number of compartments. It is a well-designed laptop bag for everyday carry with good fabric and good zippers.

Click here to view the bag

Tell me what bag are you using?

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