Why Space exploration is so important for humans?

Why Space

Space is the place where our incubator The Earth exists. It renders reality. Space exploration is the key to the next phase of our evolution.

I think the exploration is the purpose of this entire Universe or I should say Multiverse. So my vision is to explore and evolve until your last breath and pass on the legacy of exploration.

Present Civilization

Hi, I am Prakhar and let’s talk about the present society and the importance of space. Let’s begin with the sad reality and present challenges. We live in a society which is not yet fully united as a civilization. We are the civilization in making.

We have hundreds of thousands of cultures and billions of opinions and we are trying to interact and collaborate to a common goal that is creating a global civilization. Our cultures and people have all kinds of qualities, wisdom, and ignorance.

Since ignorance leads to short-sightedness and results in stupidity, our civilization is suffering from many problems. Till now we have not found a way to complete the cycles of our modern ecosystem. We are experiencing technology debt in all the phases which are causing lack of supplies for humans and other living beings, sub-standard life even in the developed countries, rising waste, the increment of dump including radioactive, environmental issues, and worst of all the climate imbalance which can wipe out everything.

Our modern ecosystem

Root cause

We are all busy in debating on the topics but not analyzing the situation. We blame everything on which we have created this modern civilization. Let’s take a few examples, the first one fossil fuel or more specific oil.

The oil itself is not a problem, it has been reserved under the earth we have developed the technology and used it but we were ignorant and we did not have tools to monitor its consequences. At that time it was boon and we have created so much based on that.

Oil still isn’t the problem it’s the ignorance which converted into stupidity is the issue. The mismanagement, mishandling, and lack of exhaust collection technology is the root cause. It will surprise you that oil-fuelled cars were the solution for pollution at that time. Yes pollution, the manure was the pollution of that era. Why it was pollution because we couldn’t manage it.

Likewise plastic is not the problem it’s a proud discovery of complex polymers which made life easier, the problem is its life cycle. We don’t know how to handle it. We lack in technology. Same is the case with all the human waste and industrial waste including radioactive waste.

When we create things we don’t know about it. But as we progress and if we don’t put effort to measure the associated events with that creation and don’t put the effort in completing its life cycle, we create a huge problem for our future generation.

Ignorance and short-sightedness cause all kinds of issues and conflicts to result in pain and destruction.

Bright side of civilization

Let’s jump to the good side of our growing civilization. As far as I know (please correct me if I’m wrong) we are the first global civilization in making in the recorded history. Humans are knowledge and information-driven, communicating throughout the globe and beyond. We speak in the common language of humanity.

Our race is diverse yet share the same mode of communication i.e. internet. We are of a different color, have different clothing style, different food and belief but we share the same technology, devices, and gadgets.

Why Space Exploration?

Now I bring back to you to the original question, if we are growing as civilization and we have lots of issues to solve on earth why we can not put our time, best brains, energy and most importantly money & resources, here on earth? Why we waste so much on fancy space research?

The short answer is that we are explorers and our civilization now depends on the information.

When oil-based cars were introduced they were boon of the time, the solution to the old form of pollution and it took us 100 years to realize that we have created another form of pollution. And thanks to space research we have gathered the information that it is causing climate change.

Evolution of space exploration and research

At present we have the power to monitor our planet and connect the dots of our civilization through space. We observe and predict many disasters and saves hundreds and thousands of lives. We can monitor our climate and predict things in advance. We can do map our landmass and forests and get information about any shortage in plants, forest fires and much more.

We have satellite communication, GPS, we monitor the possible objects in space which can damage our planet. We are monitoring the resources and threats throughout the solar system and beyond.

It is important to look ourselves from above and from outside. It is the way of solving huge issues. Observing the outside and observing from outside.

Relation of space exploration and society

Now let’s talk about the indirect benefits of space exploration. First of all the broader perspective makes it easy to solve problems more efficiently.

Space is the most dangerous territory we are trying for. So to explore that we need to send something to collect data and it must be sophisticated. This forced us to create and develop technologies which we can remotely control and we make sure that it has enough energy to work and consume it efficiently.

In the next step, some brave humans among us go there which means we have to create a human favorable environment on the flight. As the missions become bigger and longer we need to create and control environment artificially. Which leads to sophistication in the artificially controlled environment and waste management technologies.

Now as the missions evolve we can develop and trade the resources and waste management and other harmful substances to other places in our solar system. We can extract the water and other materials from outer bodies. Create exo-structures to harness the energy.

And finally move towards becoming the Type-1civilization which, in theory, can control its own planet including climate and beyond.


So in conclusion, space is the next thing on which we can solve our current issues and become a global civilization as a whole with lesser conflicts and advance opportunities.

Through space exploration, we can complete broken pieces of our modern ecosystem and could find a way to complete the product lifecycle, whether it’s plastic recycling or the waste and harmful gases which are still needs recycling.

After all, it is a joint effort of technology which nature has been creating using human brain and nature’s existing systems like water circulation and magnetism and components i.e. flora and fauna.

Now the question is that if a human is the result of nature’s evolution from stardust, isn’t nature is making us do all the exploration as part of the evolution process?

So, why not explore the space?

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