Technology and knowledge debt

Technology and knowledge debt

Technology and knowledge debt means, if we could not develop, deploy and parallelly pass on the knowledge to upgrade it, we have to pay the cost in some other form which could be a disaster for us. It could result in total collapse.

Hi, I am Prakhar and I would like to start with my vision.

I believe that continuous development, deployment, knowledge sharing and up-gradation of technology can help us becoming type-1 civilisation and help us pass through the great filters.

Technology can make or break us

Let’s start the discussion with the present. We are living in the times where we can not live without technology and many people think it is also a huge threat to us. Yes, I am pointing towards privacy-related issues, autonomous technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

As far as I know, the whole purpose of this multiverse is evolution. If we do not evolve we will certainly get destroyed. And if we continue on the current path we might create our own doom.

So we have to change the path.

How to handle technology

No technology is not bad not even AI or other autonomous technology, if we are ahead in innovation, up-gradation, management and most important, properly passing the knowledge, training others to innovate and manage.

Take the example of nuclear energy. If we manage it properly it helps us and if mismanaged it can be a disaster and have the potential to wipe out the planet.

We are in technology and knowledge debt

At present we are in Technology and knowledge debt.

Right now we have information about the condition of our planet that we are running out of time in terms of climate change, waste management and recycling.

A huge population is living substandard life, many of us do not have clean water, air, nutritious food, proper healthcare, proper knowledge. Many species are getting extinct.

And it is not just about the human race it is also about other species.

There are billions of human being on this planet and still, we are struggling for basic things in many parts like a cave-man. That is technology and knowledge debt.

Our potential

Only a small percentage of human brains managed to go to space and have deployed the probes in our whole solar system and trying to make the life interplanetary. Then such a huge population with intelligent brains has the potential to manage the whole solar system.

And yes, I am using the term manage, which of course we are not doing here on earth.

This debt is causing short-sightedness, mismanagement and resulting in stupidity at all levels of our civilisation. It’s hurtful but it is true.

What is the solution of technology and knowledge debt

Now, what is the solution and how we can solve this?

The short answer is, develop, deploy the technology as well as share the knowledge, train people for innovative solutions.

And to get the detailed answer we need to get into types of debt.

  1. Unavailability: It means we do not have the technology and do not have the knowledge to develop it yet. For this situation, we require a significant amount of research and entrepreneurial institutions and encouragement from governments and enterprises.
  2. Lack of deployment: It means we have the technology and knowledge but we haven’t deployed it. Or it is not cost-effective. This part can be solved with the entrepreneurial environment and government encouragement and investment.
  3. Unawareness: It means there are technology and knowledge available but there is a lack of awareness about it. This can be solved by sharing and spreading knowledge. Like this article and video. Please share this article and video to make others aware.
  4. Fear of acceptance: It means there is fear of change. This has many reasons and this problem can be solved by demonstrating the technology and teaching about it, how it works, it’s direct and indirect benefits.


In conclusion, technology (AI or other autonomous technology) itself is not the problem and advancement is necessary, it’s the lack of deployment, lack of innovation, lack of knowledge and mismanagement, which is dangerous. If we don’t pass on the knowledge about the development process of present technology and the skill of innovation, we may not survive.

We need to nurture and help more people to become technology developer, innovator and educator.

The issue of Technology and knowledge debt must be solved and must be taken very seriously. This is not optional, not anymore.

Let me know in the comment, how important is the transfer of knowledge and skill?

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