Planning by research and activating the brain

Have you ever found it difficult to do proper planning, starting or finishing the project because I have found these tasks very difficult? The reason for these difficulties is the unclear objectives and unclear path. The solution is proper planning but it is the most difficult thing to do in the right way. So what to do?

Hi, I am Prakhar and today I’ll talk about why we have trouble starting and finishing any project and why it is difficult to plan in the right way.

The most crucial part of the planning is knowledge and data to make an effective plan. But first I would like to address the problem of difficulty in starting any project.

Why starting is difficult?

To understand this issue let’s quickly understand our brain function. Our brain has many different parts and each has a very specific function.

Our brain is designed to use the energy in a very efficient way so most of the parts of it are always in sleep mode, otherwise, it will be difficult for our body to provide such huge amount of energy. There are only very few parts of the brain are active to support our body functions.

Now, most of the time it is good but to do new things the additional functions of the brain needs to be active which may require additional energy. This is against the energy efficiency algorithm of the brain and it tries to keep the additional functions off until and unless it is mandatory, which is a good system.

But we need additional brainpower to start a new project. To do that we need a kickstart activity to tell the brain that we are doing an important job.

Set unrealistic vision before planning

Now to warm up your brain and as first step think about the unrealistically biggest target you can think of related to your project.

As kickstart activity do pen-paper exercise. Just grab pen-paper or your iPad-pencil and start writing down the project title. At this time don’t do too much analysis, just start scribbling.

Set the simplest objective for planning

Your brain is warmed up and ready but still you do not have the target which can be achieved. But you have prepared your brain for very high target activity.

As next step start writing phase one and write the simplest target you can think of. Now write all other achievable targets under phase two three and so on.

It is time to start planning.

Planning: Design a roadmap

At this stage either grab a new page or your computer and start writing project name and phase one title as objective.

Start assessing the stages and resources needed to achieve the phase one objective and write them down. Keep going and plan each and every step, break every task into tiniest piece possible.

Assign time and resources to each task and allocate funds if needed. To carry out planning effectively you will require all the data related to the project such as the deliverable, time constraints, your resources and your funds.

If you are doing a client work gather all the data, do the assessment and make clear deliverable, financial and timeline contract. Make space for continuous research (parallelly) until the final task.

Why finishing is difficult?

Now let’s talk about finishing issue. Since your brain is active so it wanders all around and never stops. Like the start, you also need to stop it and for that, you need to give it a specific goal at the starting. To tackle this issue we have already created a clear phase one objective and its step by step roadmap. Now if you will follow this method you will certainly finish your project.


In conclusion, planning is the best tool to make the project easy and it requires the research, data and knowledge about the project. If you feel anything is missing, take a pause, do research first and then start planning.

Let me know do you have trouble starting project?

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