My planning tools for productivity

pen paper planning tools

Everyone wonders how to start planning and what planning tools to use?

Well, it depends on person to person what tools you want to use, or you are comfortable to use.

Today I’ll tell you my tools for planning.

Warm-up planning tools

Hi, I am Prakhar and let’s jump into the planning tools and why I use them.

My first tool is pen paper. I am a huge pen lover. Pen paper exercise is very important for two things: first it helps to clear all the random thoughts and it is distraction-free.

There is also an added benefit of writing with a pen that helps in brain activity.

Initially I just write down everything on paper and clear my brain.

Another important thing for me is Coffee. A beverage on the side helps me a lot.

The second tool is my iPad Pro and Pencil. I use it to create illustrations on Adobe Illustrator Draw and make some notes on MS OneNote.

Data-driven planning tools

After these warm-up random activities, I jump to MS Excel for creating the activity planning followed by time allocation and resource planning.

Next, I use the MS To-Do for officially sequencing the tasks and subtasks which is my tracker for the upcoming and pending tasks. This step is very data and information-driven and it is very important for the success of the project.

Next tool I use is the Google Calendar which I use for time allocation for the subtasks and plan the day and week on the go. This tool keeps me on time and helps me with parallel projects.

Then I use my MS Word templet for creating the script for my project which is the detail plan and activity for my project. This detailed plan is very helpful and makes my project smooth because I know what I have to do next and how to do, which saves huge mental energy. I do not have to sit on the drawing board again and again.

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So, my process is very clear. First I clear my brain then draw some ideas and write down the points based on random thoughts.

Then apply the planning techniques which are data-driven using Excel workbook. And allocate time along with the task tracking and sequencing of subtasks.

In the end, I write down the detailed plan in the form of a story in the word processor. That is how I plan my project. Stay connected for a detailed guide on How to plan a project.

What are your tools for planning, let me know in the comment?

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