Humans are not machines

Humans are not machines

Humans are not machines or robots, we are explorers, creators, developers. You must be thinking, yes I know that it is obvious. You are right.

Maybe you are different and have the privilege to do non-machine work but many of us are living machine-like life in the same repetitive cycle. And we should take a stand and break that cycle and help others to achieve human life.

Hi, I am Prakhar and my vision is that we should create a society where we are physically, mentally, financially independent and involved in creating something for the betterment of civilisation and creating a legacy without any worries of just survival.

Humans are not good at anything

Let’s start with our physical characteristics. Humans are not the fastest, we are not the strongest, we are not the tallest, we are not the fittest (we are very fragile), we are not able to harness energy directly from sun-like plants. We also need special care just to survive after birth.

Humans also create a lot of disturbance and alteration to the planet and natural (existing) systems.

But still, we rule the planet and trying to become interplanetary. We call ourselves civilisation.

Why we humans even exist?

I think the only reason we still exist and not yet wiped out because our brains act differently. We think about exploration more than just survival.

It is funny due to the fact that our brain is evolved like this because it was difficult for our ancestors to survive in the wild without any physical advantage.

That’s why doing something different, experimentation and creation are in our core of brain function. We are imperfect and we disturb everything but we also have the consciousness to make things better.

Stupidity runs in our veins but still, we move forward in the hope that intelligence will surpass stupidity and we will leave a better legacy.

Humans are not machines

As we know our brain is a powerhouse and can do complex creative processing. Putting that sophisticated processor to do a substandard task is just the disrespect of the human brain. It is like using a supercomputer just for counting 1 to 24 every day and then reset.

We are not made to do repetitive tasks or fatigue prone labour or hazardous labour. We are made to create something new every day. Solve the problems in hand taking them as opportunities.

What to do?

We are living in the information age, and for the development of anything, a huge amount of real-time data is needed. People should be involved in generating data, doing experiments and should work in a closed loop with developers.

My advice is to try to be the creator and does not take a repetitive job for long period otherwise you will be eliminated by technology eventually. From this moment focus on developing skills which can make you creator or developer and train your brain and make it innovator.


In conclusion, just develop a creative or developer mindset. Because our brain is a great creation of nature. Believe in yourself you already possess the state of the art processor, you just need to find a way to harness your potential.

We should create machines to do machine work and empower our brain to be human and explorers.

And remember humans are not machines.

Learn the product design process or robotics. We need more people in product design it is the everlasting field. Learn what is product design, can you make a career?

Do you want to be a creator?

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