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Digital Media

Is digital media bad or is social media actually killing the actual physical social life and are you scared from social media because of all the data breach and data misuse news.

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Hi, I am Prakhar Pandey and today we are going to find out how the digital media and social media can be huge support to your personal branding, spreading your voice and philosophy and help in building a better career.

Two Sides of Digital Media

As we know everything has two sides good and bad and we can always have a choice to pick one but another side always comes along with it. So is the case with Digital media.

The only thing which can help us reap the benefits and avoid the bad part is proper knowledge. It is not necessary to be expert to gain benefits from digital media, you only need to know a few things.

The most important thing is to use digital media as a tool for personal branding, not a personal diary.

Digital Media and the physical world

As in real life, we meet people and share only what is needed.

For example, when we meet strangers we only greet each other and share minimum information. Like that when we meet professionals or business partners or people in the office we share a bit more and discuss professional life and career or business growth and general environmental and economics topics.

As our relation deepens we start making friends. And when we meet with close friends and relatives we share our personal life but still, a few things are very personal and we do not share them at all.

Same is the case with the digital world. You need not share everything in public.

You are already a Cyborg

It would surprise you that everyone has his or her digital personality who is using the internet and has any digital account either email or video streaming site or any other social media site. As Artificial Intelligence is advancing and your time on the internet increases your digital form becomes more and more sophisticated.

On the basis of your usage of internet and different platforms plus the rapid growth of different Artificial Intelligence systems your digital form contains your online buying behavior, your liking, and disliking, your financial status and social status, your religious or political inclination and your psychological inclination.

So someone with proper skills and enough data can influence or manipulate you via digital media. But is it that bad? Maybe or maybe not, with proper norms and guidelines by the governments, it is difficult to use it in bad way. Like the physical world, we can use our protective measures to avoid bad and can reap the benefits for our own good.

So now let’s talk about how and what we should share.

Use digital media and social media for your personal branding instead of personal life.

What digital media is for personal branding?

First, let’s understand a few of  the popular platforms

Number one Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn. Twitter is for microblogging and news sharing. Instagram is primarily for photos and small videos. Facebook is for social connections. LinkedIn is for professional connection, business connections.

Number two is Video streaming platforms like YouTube, IG tv, Twitch. These platforms are for Vlogs, streaming videos like your own TV channel.

Number three is Blogs or websites like blogger, WordPress, medium or your own website. This can be used to publish your articles and share knowledge and build your portfolios and many more.

Number four is Podcast and audio streaming. These are used for audio streaming like your own radio channel.

According to digital media marketing and SEO expert Neil Patel, now it is important to use the omnichannel approach.

Where to start in digital media?

At the starting, it sounds a lot of work but it is not necessary to jump on every channel at once. First, start with Instagram and Facebook which are great way and fun way to start with and by sharing valuable information consistently anyone can grow. Then you can start LinkedIn and if you like you can use Twitter.

I personally like Instagram and Twitter more. Let me know in the comment what is your favorite platform?

You can further scale to YouTube and IG tv for streaming and sharing videos. You can also start blogging or create your own website. At this point, you can hire someone to help you out with these more complex platforms. Further, you can expand to Podcasts.

How to connect and share?

For example, if someone like art or passionate about technology or fitness or yoga and pranayama then he or she can start sharing the knowledge and experience with others on these social media platforms and start connecting with people in their space. That is how one can join the online community and experts of your space globally and start creating own image as an expert.

You can also start learning with the global community and refine your personality and shape your career by making your online portfolio.

This will gradually help in making your own identity and personal brand. By making your personal brand and connecting with the global community can give you more insight and help in your personal and career growth. There are a lot of people who are making their living, spreading their good cause, their social cause, spreading their philosophy and awareness, improving themselves with a wide range of information and helping each other to grow.


So, in conclusion, use digital media as a tool for your growth and building your personal brand for which people should know you. Use it wisely and reap all the possible benefits. Share knowledge and help improve your community.

If you think you have gained some insight about digital media and thinking of creating personal brand then share it with your friends and family on social media with the caption I am creating my personal brand.

Now let me know in the comment what is your favorite platform?

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